Need help on my technical doc. page, UPDATE=COMPLETED!

I’ve scoured through my code and can’t find the 3 errors I’m getting. Feedback please.

Your hrefs in your nav and do not match your IDs in your sections. There are _ missing and words are spelled differently. They have to match exactly and spaces must be replaced by _

The last one, you need a media query in your css.

Like Tirjasdyn mentioned, just double-check for consistency in your class and id attributes, and make sure that if one element references another, that they are spelled the same way (complete with correct letter case). I saw that some of your element ids didn’t match the test in the <header> element.

You’ll also need at least one media query to pass all the tests.

OMG, I went through the hrefs and ids in all and thought they all matched, ugh. I’ll do it again. Thank you! I know I’m missing the media query, just needed help on this part.

Can you take a look again?
I’ve corrected the spots with incorrect id’s and such, but it’s still showing errors. Can you please direct me to the right spot? Either I’ve been looking at it too long and I’m missing something or I’m going crazy. lol
Hard to tell at this point.

I finally found the problem, an extra > in 1 place. Passed all 16 tests and submitted!!