Need help testing projects in Code Pen

I’m having trouble adding the testing part to my project in code pen. What does forking a code pen mean? Can I just add the url to my project somewhere? What am I missing?

I got the testing portion for my project. I was missing that it’s a script.

But what does it it mean to fork a Code Pen project?

Um, yes, I know where it is. I don’t know what it does other than makes a copy of your project. Or what it means to use it.

That’s exactly what it means: making your own copy of a pen.

Pardon me if I seem a bit dense. Why would you do that?

In this case you would do it because FCC sets up what you need for projects (like linking the test script), so you can just fork it and add the code.

For a good explanation try googleing ‘what does it mean to fork on codepen’
When it comes to any kind of development work, Google is your friend.

@Roma I did, but it didn’t come up with anything understandable to me. That’s why I asked. My husband is in IT and says his job description should be professional googler. lol

@mghollis38 No worries. I just thought that reading something in Google would be more comprehensive then the brief explanation that someone posts here.

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Thanks. I appreciate it.