Is there a way to unfork a pen?


Was instructed to use Fork in order to access the javascript functionality in order to grade a freecodecamp Tribute Page project.


The pen that was forked is not available in Search unless you click the Fork box to include Forks in the search.


I’d like to make the Pen more searchable by removing the “Fork” flag. There’s really nothing copied here except for the javascript for the project assessment which I intend to remove after the project is submitted.

Is there a way to remove the fork flag (unfork?) this easily?

Thoughts that come to mind include just creating a new pen and copying the code over to remove the flag but that feels really kludgey. Is there another method or option?



Hi @smah,

From my experience, you can’t remove the Fork flag from a Pen that’s been forked. That would make room for people copying everyone else’s Pens.

What you can do, as you have mentioned, is to copy/paste all the code from the Pen you like to a new one, but note that it goes against freeCodeCamp’s Academic Honesty Policy to copy/paste a complete project and pass it as your own.

However, if you’ve just forked the Pen for the sake of making use of some libraries like GreenSock’s animation platform, I guess you’ll be fine.

Hi @Queryeleison,

All that was included in the fork (as per the camp instructions) was this:

script src=“html://”

Which is the script to assess the project. (not a completed project) I’m not sure why the instructions asked people to fork at all.

Appreciate the reply. Thank you kindly,


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Forking the pen is the easiest and simplest way to create a pen with the testing script. You can create your own pen and manually add the testing script if you prefer.

Thanks ArielLeslie,

Appreciate the response. I was/am aware of the options that were/are possible. I just didn’t know the added side affect of forks not being visible in the default search behavior. If I had known, I would’ve created my own pen and manually added the testing script to avoid further trouble down the road.

Thanks! Have a good one!

If you’ve already started working on a project in your pen, you could create a new pen and copy-paste your code. :man_shrugging:

Just don’t do that with someone else’s pen. That’s plagiarism and very un-cool. :sweat_smile:

the link you submit will need to have included the test suite with all tests passing. Considering that that link then stay saved in your account it is highly suggested you avoid changing it in a way that remove the tests or make the tests not pass.

If you want to make further changes I suggest to create a second version of the project, to which you can do whatever you want.

Thanks @ilenia

Good point made to make a pen permanently with the tests passing just for the assignment side of things.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind.