Need help with choosing what to work on

I have a few projects and a portfolio to apply with. However i’m not sure how well they really are, and if there are any improvements/ recommendations on what else I can learn, lately it’s been material-ui, and a little bit of functional programming.


Your current portfolio is pretty clean, but is somewhat bare.

I’d continue adding other kinds of projects with increased complexity.

Your current 3 projects are of similar complexity, with clean clear designs, but with minimal features and scope.

Each project does what it sets out to do and that’s it. For example, the notes project allows you to create and update notes with titles, but offers no other functionality or features beyond that. (can I re-organize my notes, or categorize them?)

The “next-level” would also be adding back-end functionality and making them full-stack applications. This includes some form of authentication so I can access my data using different accounts would show you at least know how a back-end would work with these applications.

Other options would be to show off other projects focusing on different technologies and or other languages. Or if you want to focus only on front-end, add more feature to these front-end applications, along with more advance front-end technologies like animations, and more advanced tooling (like making it a JAMStack app) to squeeze as much out of the front-end as possible.

The main focus of these projects is to show you have potential as a job candidate to do professional level work. As such, the projects should have as much of a “professional level feel” to them as possible, and or show you can branch out and learn what is needed. (which would be helped with a larger variety of projects)

good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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I appreciate the feedback! I will check out the basics of back end , and try to add more front-end as well.

It looks way to big on my screen. It doesn’t fit in my preferred window size, but even when I widen it I run out of screen space. I tried to check the code but the webpack output doesn’t prettify in developer tools so it’s too hard to troubleshoot for me.

Hey Kenny,

great work so far! :clap:

Some ideas:

  • the project cards blow my screen, I get a horizontal scrollbar
  • the design feels a little bit “inconsistent”, especially the cards: a good intro on this
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Amazing portfolio you share

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I will make it more responsive, as well as try to make the design a bit more consistent. I appreciate the feedback everyone!

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