Need inspiration and motivation

Hello, I’m a beginner (python) whos feeling like I will never learn programming and I can’t find anything to stick with.

I would be happy to hear inspiring stories or anyone who wants to inspire me!

Hey @Nicke!

So I think I commented on a previous post of yours and it sounds like you are not just a beginner in python but a beginner to programming in general.

I am also a beginner and you have to remember that not only are you learning a language but you are learning programming. So my suggestion is to focus on the basics and not so much on which language you should learn.

There is nothing wrong with starting off in Python, C, JavaScript, etc because you are in the basic stages.

A good analogy would be worrying about choosing a specialty in surgery when you haven’t even started med school yet. There is no point in stressing out about choosing between neurosurgery and cardio when you haven’t even taken an anatomy class yet.

The same applies to programming in a way. There is nothing wrong with python but focus more on building a foundation in the basics of programming.

So, I don’t know if you have started the FCC lessons yet but that would be a good place to start. You could also look into some general cs classes that focus more on cs basics than a particular language.

With enough dedicated practice certain concepts will start to lock in and you will be able to build projects.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Nicke, I completely agree with what @jwilkins.oboe said.
In my first try to learn programming I wasted a lot of time to choose what language to learn and finally made a wrong decision and started with React Native , without having the basic knowledge of programming or knowing anything about Javascript , it was frustrating and by then I couldn’t realize that this hardship is because lack of knowledge in basics and made me believe that it is what programming is, so I gave it up. And after almost a year I came back to learn programming again and this time I started with basics and it gave me a very good perspective on how things works in programming regardless of the language/frameworks and I feel much more comfortable with learning knew things now and they don’t feel frustrating (scary!) any more.
I would say don’t rush to learn everything, take your time and go with basics.

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@Nicke I started programming at the start of all this crazy Covid stuff. I had the same worries. I would always feel like I need to zoom through things and get things done fast so I could move on. What I would say is just keep going and working through things and really try and understand them and what they do. For me, algorithms were very hard, but if you keep going little by little you will notice improvement, and you will get better. I am not great myself but I have seen so much improvement in my knowledge by just working at it.

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