Need some feedback on my calculator

Hey there , just finished the calculator project… will be glad for some feedbacks =)
here’s the link for it: Calculator

Tried entering 450, the zero isn’t displaying. Don’t know if its storing, but the trailing zero is missing…

fixed it , you can try again … the 0 key code was wrong =)
thanks for the response

Good job. When I type in 2*2=, then *2=, it should be 8. it says 22. I just think it’s intuitive that equals followed by times should be the answer times the next number.

fixed that , try now ! apparently the problem was that , after you hit the “=” button the array that stored the button inputs still hold the last input … so when i put 2*2 = and then *2 it did showed me 8 but then when i pressed 2 again it displayed 22 …like i continued the lest “2” ive put when i tried to multiply.
so the solution was simply reset the array after the = button was pressed .

thank you for the response !!!

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Great work. I tested the calculator with basic arithmetic operations.
If you could display the complete arithmetic operation on screen(div id= display) then that would be great :slight_smile:

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Nice APP… Go ahead…Great :muscle: :+1: