Need some project ideas

Just finished the Basic Javascript and ES6 modules .

I feel like trying a hand at making something with what I have learned till date since I tend to forget things fast.
Does anyone have any ideas for simple projects based on these topics?
-Dont want to try overly-complex ones .
-It would be cool if you could explain its logic too.

If I posted this in the wrong subforum then I apologise :pray:

HI @Exotic !

JavaScript 30 is pretty popular for beginners.

Once you finish the entire, javascript certification then you can start building your own projects outside of a class.

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  • As you’re doing it first time; build while following along the video
  • But later try to modify project by adding / editing features this way you will hit roadblocks and know how to google and find solution
  • This way you’re training your mind to find problem & solution, repeating the process till you’re comfortable
  • Mistake I did during my learning was, I was just following along tutorial and not really using my mind; thus ended up learning nothing.
  • Let’s say after you’re done building 7 projects by following along author, 8th project onwards try to do yourself from scratch; if you’re struck then watch that part of video to find out what solution did author has used.

Hope this helps

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id advise you, continue learning a particular topic which is not covered in the FCC lessons, but is essential- manipulating the DOM. This is basically pure JS syntax to target elements in the HTML document and execute various tasks, like adding styles, classes, content. Create new elements, remove existing ones and so on. The frontend section introduced you to libraries, which make those things in a more convenient way, but here and there you encounter basic JS syntax which can be very confusing to read, yet, usually represents something very simple. Those small example projects for beginners cover exactly that- starting from simple, to more thorough tasks on working with the DOM.

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@Sylvant @vikramvi @jwilkins.oboe

Thank you for your answers ! : D

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