Need your comments/feed backs about my portfolio

Hello guys! I just finished my portfolio project and i need your comments / feedback.

project link - [] (Portfolio)

Basically this page is just a markup and nothing fancy inside (no info, no project info/pics and dead links.), I just managed to put some css and jquery. The style of the page is final except the background color.

  • I need your comments/suggestions on what color combination is suitable for the page. Sorry i am not a designer type person but I am working on it.

Anything you suggest for the good of this page is much appreciated. Thank you. Peace!

Everything looks really nice UX wise. I’m assuming you just haven’t had a chance to get your blog and skill pages set-up? Other than that I would say it looks great. The flat UI colors really pop, and I enjoy the flow of the page. Best of luck to you @ecduran. I’m positive many people will say the same!

Hi @AustinTice, yes your right. The blog and the skill page is under construction. Regarding the skill page, is it nice if i put it above project div/section on the homepage? or should i put it on separate page? Im still figuring out what is the proper content structure. :smiley:

Anyway, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Well i would assume you could do what you like with the page, but considering the majority of your site is just a big scroll, you may want to just include them and have jQuery transition those pages amidst your first page. Sorry if that answer was a touch skewed, but I think with the creative mindset you have clearly exemplified, that you will find the best way to display your content. Best wishes,


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