Some specific questions on my portfolio project

Finished my portfolio page. Would appreciate feedback on the following questions:

  1. I wanted to showcase my projects before getting to a description of who I am, and also make a visually compelling header. Did the approach succeed in your opinion? If not, why?

  2. Should my own personality come through more, or is it ok for the projects to speak for themselves? My thinking behind it is that a prospective employer is going to want to see that the work itself is good. Also if the webpage itself is visually pleasing, that’s a good sign to an employer surely.

  3. What about the green color I used as a contrast?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio page. :slight_smile:

  1. Good idea. With my screen size it looks a bit weird, though, with the white space at the bottom (which has nothing to do with the order):

  2. Maybe you could add a paragraph about your capabilities. Also you might want to add some more spacing on that part. It seems slightly small/compressed compared to the rest of the page.

  3. Works well.

Overall, looks really good!

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I see what you mean about the white space. It actually does that on my screen as well. :expressionless:

The about me section does feel somewhat light. I’ll try and write some copy for that soon. It might be better in the future to have most of the text resources written before I start with a website.

I actually did have wider spacing on it, but it emphasized the lack of content. :sweat: In retrospect I can see why that was a bad solution.

Thanks a bunch, your feedback gave some actionable steps I can take to improve the page.

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other than what other has said

another feedback is to link your tribute page to your project. As i open it, it direct me to photobucket and not to your actual project page, may need to work on that.

other than that, looks great :slight_smile:

PS. i love the green btw, subtle but noticeable, really pretty :wink:

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Thanks monstu, I forgot to link to the actual project. Weird that it took you to photobucket…

Glad you liked the green. :smile: I feel very insecure about my use of color. I’ll be sure to keep experimenting though.