Need your Feedback on Portfolio Page

Hey. I have completed my Personal Portfolio page. But I am not so happy that i didn’t coded my Projects section and footer section. There is scope for some changes.
Could you please suggest me how to improve my code so that it is really a Responsive Page.
Here is My Page:
Portfolio Page

you have done a nice good but there are some things that needs to be changed so that your portfolio looks better :
1/The backgrounds colors doesn’t match with each others at all. try to use some brightful and simple colors, cz the simpler you colors are the better your wesbite looks.
2/Each of your projects should have a picture that shows the users what is it about even before clicking on it.
3/ you might wanna change the hover of the header list.
Good Luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmm… your colors are a bit too vivid and different. I’d suggest you make them merge into each other. Also, your project list is too long. give it a fixed height and try using the overflow css command and set it to auto.



At all else, great job.

Font changes would be suggested, plain old Times New Roman does not look good with the modern-ish layout and design.