Needs some opinionavd advice

please am good at solving the challenge so far just by seeing the examples… now am stocked inbetween “can i really do this on my own with no examples
given” i don"t feel like am making progress…please what should i do? what am i not doing right?

I consider the examples to give you some familiarity as to what you can do, but it takes full on practice to learn how to use it in practice. So for example, if you are just starting out with HTML and CSS, you might learn a few things on how to do minor things. But this doesn’t mean you 100% are done “learning” after just hearing about it.

To fully learn and grasp what you go over in the lessons you need to go build something. So if you learned a few CSS and HTML things, going on to build a small static website (like the projects go over) is a good test of your skills.

Don’t be surprised if you get stuck, or need to review what you went over in the lessons, or if you need to look up stuff to get more help this is to be expected. After a while practicing building stuff you will start to retain the parts you use the most.

So, go out and build something simple, stumble and review what you need. Practice makes perfect :smile:

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thanks very much @bradtaniguschi…i really appreciate…am new to programming…just a month old but i always feel lost somehow along the way…please can i always bug you sometimes with questions:worried: