Neo4J, json and html

Hi there,

I am currently looking at neo4j and think about some aspects:
For now, I am using exist-db and xml (xslt) to get content to my website.
exist-db for storage, xml is the format, xslt takes the xml and puts it into html, so that my website is filled with beautyful html.

If I’m right, and correct me if I’m wrong, neo4j offers JSON export, so that I could in theory create an html-template where I put in the keys and have it transformed to html.
However, I fear that I need some nodes with properties, which I’d best have added as a class to the html.

I am asking that I can make a guess whether the change is worth it or not:
let’s say I have two nodes

    (n:Person {name: Chuck, gender:male,  profession: teacher})
    (n:Person {name: Eli, gender:female, profession: programmer})

and I want for each name an <h1 class="{Person.gender}">

-Element and for each profession a <span style="font-size: 800;>

so that I get

    <h1 class="male"> Chuck </h1> - <span style="font-size: 800;> teacher </span>
    <h1 class="female"> Eli </h1> - <span style="font-size: 800;> programmer </span>

this is a very basic example, my reality is worse:
about 400 xml files - each about 100 lines
“fixed” set of tags.
annotations are inside the xml (persons are tagged as such, places are tagged as such, corrections are tagged as such, etc. you get the idea)

I’d say, writing js that takes certain properties, such as gender, in the above example and add them as a class to the html-element in question should work.
In an ideal world, I could create these texts in the app and have them uploaded to neo4j and then returned on another page :smiley: