New Alan Turing Tribute Page

Greetings all. This is my first shot at a Tribute project page on Alan Turing. I welcome any and all feedback if you are willing to give it.

As I prepare to post, I see this is a common tribute choice. Hopefully I will have something different to present.

Thank you all in advance.

Milburn Dwayne Brock

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Avoid using <br> for vertical spacing. Use CSS margins for that instead.

<ul> elements can only have <li> elements as direct children. You can’t put any other elements (like the <br>'s between the <li>'s, and the unclosed <cite>'s just before the </ul> tag).

Don’t use <em> just to italicize. Again there’s CSS for that. <em> is used for emphasis, as in This is <em>not</em> a drill.

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Kev, thank you for your responses.

This causes me to take away two things. 1) that’s how the code validators work. I did not see this until your response. 2) I have some old practices in html that are now bad habits.

I see I do have some corrections to make, and need to get used to 100 percent separation of style and content.

Will take another go when everything is connected, thank you again.

nice! For responsiveness’s sake, consider going to pen settings -> html -> insert most common viewport meta tag -> save & close.

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I like the use of the monospace font. A retro look suits such an iconic figure from the earliest years of the computer age. :slight_smile:


Kev, thank you earlier for taking the time to comment on my errors. Resubmitting with corrections made. It was interesting that removing the break tags did turn out to be completely unnecessary after all. And I see that the cite tag has to be connected to another tag more clearly.

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Thank you Steffan. I was kinda wondering how to handle including the viewport tag in codepen - I couldn.t see where to insert it at first.

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Hello Chuck, Thank you for checking it out. Good,so it got across. Exactly why I chose it. It certainly would think that font would be less appropriate for a tribute on someone more recent.

Ok, it looks pretty good on mobile. I like your style on this page!

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so do you prefer Steffan or Caleb? Sorry if I used the wrong name to respond.

Yes, it was the wrong name. I’m Caleb, not Steffan.

Hello, Caleb. At first I couldn’t see where to put it because you have to go into the sandboxing slightly, I see now that works if on the Codepen Dashboard you go to settings>HTML tab>stuff for head and save an input to that box. Got it in there now. Thank you for pointing that out.

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