Review and feedback on Project: Tributes Page

Hi everyone, just thought I’d share my project with you, feel free to take a look and give me some feedback, I have broad shoulders!!!


Wow, absolutely beautiful!! That’s a fantastic tribute page!! There was a small typo somewhere on the timeline, but really there’s nothing to critique on the coding end. Beautiful masterpiece, honestly.

Thanks for the positive feedback. Noted the typos and will go back and amend them when I have some spare time.

Thanks for feedback, forgot all about media queries. It’s a shame Codepen doesn’t allow for testing on its standard version, I’m assuming it does on its Pro. Do you know of any sites that do allow previews on different devices?

Great job. You did it nice and good mix bootstrap. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback

Brilliant, I will be using that. Thanks for the heads up.