Tribute Page to Alan Turing - Feedback

Hi everyone!

This is my first project in freeCodeCamp. I have been learning HTML and CSS for a month in Coursera and OpenClassrooms, but I started learning in freeCodeCamp last monday.

I hope you like my project. Any feedback is welcome.

Tribute Page to Alan Turing:


It looks great, the content is nice and the page is fairly repsonsive. One problem with the page is that there is a lot of whitespace under the images on devices with a width greater than 600 but smaller than ~800. Maybe try increasing the max-width of your media query a little bit until it fixes the problem. Good luck with the rest of your projects :+1:

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Hi @manuelklug, welcome to the forums.
You page looks good. The only thing I noticed is you have multiple use of an id. id's can be used only once. If you need something for styling purposes, use class.

Good job.

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I actually like it. The page is beautiful and simple, and code is so readable. It motivates me by the way.

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Looks quite nice and easy on the eyes indeed. As @Roma has pointed out, just turn those id=‘tribute-info’ into class=‘tribute-info’. Even though you can target multiple elements with the same id and still work, it’s not meant to be used in that way. For those kind of situations you should use classes. Keep up the good work. :+1:

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I fixed it. Thank you! :blush:

@Roma and @andresangelini Thanks for the advice! :+1: