New guy here... need advice

Hello everyone! I am new here i started doing lessons yesterday and i completed basic html and basic css stuff…
So now i am at Applied Visual Design…But i am unsure how to proceed “learning” should i just keep following lessons and waitfor the projects to come , or should i code something myself in my sublime as i am passing new lesssons? I feel like i will forget all of this stuff that i passed…should i code something myself or keep somekinda code dairy? When i am doing lessons i feel like i am only changing stuff that lessons tells me , and as new lessons come i see a lot of code, but i didnt code anything myself. I feel like if i dont code something myself i will just forget lesssons that i passed… any advice is appreciated?

developing muscle memory in coding is very important because its an extremely perishable skill. You should use each lesson as a starting point to explored deeper into.

Its not as if when you finish the curriculum youre gonna know everything you need to know. The longer you spend understanding each lesson the better off youll be. So dont rush them.

You dont have to code in you editor everyday but code should at least be on your mind everyday. So you should be watching videos and reading MDN articles and such things everyday in addition to the curriculum.

In my opinion doing the curriculum alone is definitely not enough.


Nothing stops you from starting the responsive web design projects that are in the last part of this part of the curriculum and you need to complete to get the certificate

It may help you in memorising things (but you don’t have to actually remember everything, learning to search the documentation is a much better skill - the things you are learning now will become obsolete eventually, but research skill will always be actual)

I agree with alkapwn3d, for example when you get to : Applied Visual Design: Create a More Complex Shape Using CSS and HTML
this video really puts it together.

best of luck

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