Course information & efficiency?

Hi All,

Need a genuine answers on below mentioned queries i have .

  1. I have finished Basic HTML 5 and basic CSS topics ,shall i keep checking other websites too, so that i remember everything i have done so far ?
    Shall i keep doing what i am doing and wait until project phase comes in ?

Please explain me any learning strategy which will really help me in the long run .I have some programming background (Just know c++) .

Thanks in advance .

the projects will help you remember the most. you can also start doing the first project right now.

if you don’t remember something, google it, look at previous challenges, apply Read-Search-Ask method

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Thanks ieahleen . I hope the projects doesn’t require the knowledge of other topics like visual design ,flex etc because i haven’t gone through it yet .

the first one (Tribute Page) can be done with basic css and basic html knowledge

the following ones require knowledge found later, but you can start all of them now, and finish once you reach the necessary knowledge

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Thank you :slight_smile:

i will check tribute page .