New here First Day

I am choosing to take these courses with hopes of landing a high paying online job by the end of the year.


Hi @valenciaea . I’m in the same boat as you, started one month ago and I hope that by the beginning of 2023 I’ll have a position as a junior dev. Best of luck yo us all!


Hi @valenciaea !

Welcome to the forum!

Just a quick piece of advice on setting job goals :grinning:

For most people, getting a job takes longer than they expect.
It is totally fine if it takes longer to land your first junior dev job.

The most important thing right now is that you build up a really strong foundation in the fundamentals and build some really strong projects outside of a class.

Once you have done that, then you can put together a strong resume and ask for feedback on it.

As I mentioned earlier, focus more on learning well and everything else will work itself out in its own time.

Good luck! :grinning:


Hi @valenciaea, also I’m new here today :relaxed: We can do this! :sunglasses:


Hello @valenciaea!
We share some short-term resolutions there, like achieving an employable level in the CS business. We got this! I’ve enrolled in the JavaScript Bootcamp that FCC offers through Class Central. You should give it a look! They will be basing the Bootcamp on the FCC’s JS course and starts Jan 10th.

Best of luck!


Yes, best of luck to you as well. I am actually really enjoying it so far

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This was very encouraging. Thank you for your kind words. I have been enjoying learning everything so far. So far so good!

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Welcome, welcome, WELCOME! You’ve picked a great community to learn with.

Pay us a visit often and let us know how your coding journey develops. Excited to have another eager learner amongst the ranks!

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Hi, I’m in a similar sitch. I found myself dropping out of a comp-sci degree because of the stress and finance, but I’m 30% or so through the HTML certification and it’s been a much more relaxed environment (also I don’t have to literally keep stressing about getting kicked out because I can’t pay or about the accumulating debt).

Best of luck to us both!


I have a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Arts. I was thinking about going back to school to get my master’s in sociology so that I can teach online as a professor, but I didn’t want to go back to school and get into more debt. I have a friend who went to codesmith and he is traveling around the world making alot of money. I want the financial freedom but I didn’t want to pay for schooling again. So here I am. The thing about codesmith is they have the connections so that you get a job after you are done but thats $12,000 just for a connection. So my goal is to finish learning everything here and network to make those connections and secure a remote position. Maybe even see if my friend can help me although I am going a different route.
Kudos to us for doing it the free way.
Best of Luck to us both. We can do this!


@alfredo.hsh I also brother, it’s my 3rd day here.

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