New project I made which I think is just really random lol

I used Python to do this Your Future You thingy where its a really short survey about what you are gonna be or do in the future, idk why I even did this lol.
Here is the code to run it:

print("Welcome to: Your Future You")
q1 = input("What are your life goals?")
q2 = input("What do yo want to be when you grow up?")
q3 = input("What can you do in this job?")
q4 = input("How can you help people?")
q5 = input("What do you like about this job")
q6 = input("Do you have anything else that you like to do?")
q7 = input("Does anyone like doing stuff like this with you?")
activity1 = input("Send a message to your future you.")
print("Great answers! I hope you can change the world in the future.")
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Just a cool idea -improve it by making the program create a email containing the users answers that is sent at a later day in the future. :smile:


Great idea! I will do my best to do that!

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Sorry if I can’t. But I will improve it