New Survey Form Feedback

Please provide feedback! Thank you!

Nice work. I would advise working on the fonts and colors. Also, for the html, all you need is the content within the body tags (codepen fills in the rest automatically). Have fun!

I will definitely work on using different fonts and colors. Thanks for the info and feedback!

Great work. I have issues with picking colors and came across this site. It does help to make contrast good for reading. I figured I would share it with you in case you may want to try it.

Having a label next to and above the input is redundant. Maybe change the placeholder text too so it’s not saying the exact same thing as well. You could write something more human-speechy there.

There’s a site I liked called
It’ll tell you if the color combos it recommends are WCAG compliant, but you also change the settings so it only ever shows you WCAG compliant color combos.

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I see your point! Thank you for the input!

I’ll definitely take a look at it. Picking colors is not my strong suit. Thank you!

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Exactly what I need! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this!!!