Newbie - FreeCodeCamp Basic Questions

**I’m new to FreeCodeCamp…Philadelphia My questions are these:

A) Do I pick one of the main (6) topics and then go through each subtopic in order ?

B) I’m interested in Python from a Network Management perspective…Is there a certification on here for Python or just what’s offered ?

C) Can I start with the Security topic or should I begin with JavaScript ?

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A) If you have no experience in the languages taught prior to one of the topics you probably shouldn’t start somewhere in the middle. It is recommended to start at the beginning if you’re just starting to learn.

B) Python is not included in the lessons.

C) If you don’t know html, css, JavaScript and a little jQuery don’t start on the security section. Start at a earlier section. If you don’t know any of those start at the beginning.

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Should I complete all of the coding challenges in order?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how we introduce concepts. But you’re free to jump around.

–from the FAQ

Thanks for your feedback !