Newbie getting started

I’m very new to coding and I’m learning my first coding language. I’m trying to practice the code but I’m not sure how or where to save my practices from Python or if I need a second app to use with python. Any help is very appreciated.

if you want to run python code on your computer, you’ll need to download a compiler for python, a compiler simply translates the code to machine language (1’s and 0’s)

This is the place where you can download python.

The file extension for saving python files is .py

Writing the code can be done in any text editor, there are special text editors that have syntax highlighting and syntax auto completion, I’ll recommend starting with something simple like notepad, and then moving up to more advanced text editors, with your last stop being an IDE if you stick with coding/programming.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, it is programming text editor that has integrated terminal, browser console, syntax checking and other useful tools for debugging.

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