Looking for Python "Playground"

Hello everyone, brand new to Python (and coding in general) and I’m basically looking for a site or app that replicates using Python for me to mess around and build in. I have limited access to a PC at a library, majority of internet access is through iPhone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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You can use VS Code with the “AREPL for python” extension.

Edit: Oh you need it on an iPhone?

I can’t recommend anything for iPhone but if you search for “Python IDE” in the app store you might find something.

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i love the app MIMO ! You can start learning to code from the very beginning - there is the web developer chapter, where you learn HTML CSS JavaScript and than there is the Python Chapters… You will get lots of little projects to practice and of course for practicing there’s a playground


Thanks! Searching Python IDE in the app store got me exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the tip!

Thanks! I’ve been using MIMO as well. Came here for something to use alongside it. I’m a little over halfway through the Python portion now but I’m worried about how much I’m actually retaining because of how closely the lessons hold your hand through the process.

i know what you mean … i’m at 92% at python i think, almost finished but i got the change to join a coding class where you have to do two “short” courses and than you can join the 4-6 months intensive class.

the first “short” is HTML/CSS i think 4-5 days and the second one is JavaScript.

because of that i’m focusing on HTML, CSS and JavaScript right now

When it comes to python - i like the mimo playground for practicing and haven’t found a better one yet.

Sounds like you’re progressing far better than me! I definitely need to find something local where I can work with humans and have a live exchange of ideas.
I did find Firmbee has a free Ebook: Python from Beginner to Advanced, and coding along with that has really helped to cement the building blocks laid by MIMO.
Best of luck with your coding career!

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