Newbie problem I guess

Heloo ppl… started coding about month ago and I understand most of the HTML tags and CSS selectors what they do… but when I need to create something and mix those two together I just block hahah… anybody else with same problem?

Well I guess coding now a days becomes more easy while coming of different sites like wordpress and magento. They just killed the market. You need to download their theme and just install on your domain. No need of coding. And the benefit is that you will get much plugins which will help your site to get more optimized and google friendly.

I think after some years this coding will be totally vanish.

It is better to learn something else instead of coding. Like why not to learn SEO which is amazing more worthy than coding.

Well I just prefer for SEO the only reason is it is at least easy than coding lol. But much worthy than coding.

Someone has to make those themes that wordpress uses, which means someone has to know the code. And even in my limited experience, there are always things that aren’t perfect about the themes you can use on wordpress or whatever website. It pays to know a little bit of code to be able to customize the website exactly the way you want. :slight_smile:

This is really helpful thank you! :slight_smile: