I feel stupid...is it my ADHD?

Everyone says that the HTML/CSS part is the “easy” part but Ive struggled my whole way through. Makes me doubt Id be any good at this. I even went and looked into tech certificates and tried something else just to fail and realize it was even harder than coding. I’ve had to look up a LOT of the questions on youtube just to see how its done because Im not understanding what its asking me. Which has me often muttering “HOW THE HECK SHOULD I HAVE KNOWN THAT?!?!”

anyone else having trouble or are you all just dandy?

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I watched alot of youtube vids on CSS & HTML before starting on freecodecamp. They have helped me bigtime, without them I’d have struggled far more than I did.
Also some things that were asked of me for the project tests here were not actually taught on the course but fortunately I had learned them from youtube.
I highly recommend using youtube as a learning aid, there are some great teachers on there and to be honest it can be easier to learn from them sometimes than it is here


Hi @Emilearn1307 !

Welcome to the forum!

I wouldn’t listen to everyone’s opinion.
You will learn pretty quickly that there are a lot of strong opinions in software.

But remember that it is an opinion, not fact.

Everyone struggles with different things.
Don’t feel bad about struggling with HTML and CSS.

Lots of people do.

I think it is a matter of finding the right learning resources for you.

Whether it be youtube, freecodecamp, css tricks, MDN, etc.

Hope that helps!


disclaimer: I’m not a professional, I too am still learning.

I’m currently struggling a lot to understand how to “think” like a programmer when coding in JavaScript and now that I’ve been doing practice problems for a few weeks now, I actually see myself getting better and being able to literally think of what code I’d use and how I might go at it.

I still think I’m learning slower than everyone and i can’t for the love of god sit and just read but hey if it requires me to constantly get up and check the fridge or stop reading and stare at the wall for a bit until I read another few sentences than that’s better than nothing. I’m not here to tell you “oh you should relax and take it slow” cause no, I don’t wanna take it slow. I wanna get better at coding.

What I want to say is people find different things differently hard. It’s all about the way you think and how you were taught things. What I’m noticing about you is that you still haven’t given up and that’s admirable. You tried different things and you’re still coming back, that shows me that you care enough.

I don’t know a thing about ADHD so I can’t assume that’s why or tell you it isn’t but it’s completely normal to struggle with HTML and CSS, I have no clue if I struggled or not cuz that was about two months ago. And tbh I probably struggled. So don’t be worried about what the Youtubers say, it’s probably been years since they learned HTML and CSS, I wouldn’t exactly trust them when they say it’s easy. How would they remember? I don’t.

Oh another thing is, I’ve seen the freeCodeCamp course for HTML and CSS and they go through the syntax pretty quick so I would definitely expect people to struggle if they’ve never coded before.


Personally, I hate HTML/CSS. I’m a backend developer, so I do lots of C, Rust, Julia, etc. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

I constantly look stuff up, and I’ve been doing this for ~5 yrs. It’s 100% normal to look stuff up.

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It can be pretty rough in the beginning. There is so much to learn and it’s all new knowledge. At this point in the process, I wouldn’t worry about it being a reflection of your potential or abilities. Learning to code is hard no matter what some people might suggest. Learning to code is not a get-rich-quick scheme it takes a lot of work and effort. Also, CSS isn’t easy. It’s deceptively simple but hard to master.


Thank you Jaydog! I’ll keep using youtube.

Thank you Jwilkins! I appreciate you leaving me some new resources to look into.

Thank you samaabbas! I appreciate your encouraging words, they made me feel better about my learning experience.

Thank you JeremyLT! Good to know my research abilities will be long lived :smile:

Thank you lasjorg! I had a sneaky suspicion things seemed a bit short. :smile:

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