Next And Previous Buttons For For Passed Lessons In The Tutorials

It would be really great to be able to press a previous or next button to be able to go backward or forward to reread topics, material covered in the tutorials.
When a person finishes a section/topic, buttons become available so that the person can move back and forth easily between the material.

Or when a person finishes all the material in the material upto but not including the ending challenges, previous and next buttons become available so that the person can reread the material and easily move forward and backward in the material.

I believe this would be a great help in many ways.

There are actually hotkeys n and p for navigation, but I’m not really sure how anybody is supposed to know that? I agree that the feature should be surfaced somehow. There used to be arrow navigation but that was removed (apparently it is considered a “super users” feature?).

You can read more about it in this issue and the linked-to issues

how do you use the hotkeys p and n?

if the editor is in focus you need to use the esc key to unfocus it then you can use the p and n keys

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