Next Up - My Profile

OK so I haven’t produced this overnight! I started learning coding in Jan so I had already worked on a profile page which is nearly complete, bar links to the portfolio websites listed which are still in progress. So I am not going to copy it into codepen or fully meet the user story for scrolling to all content (it uses a colapse modal in Bootsrap to get the the different pages).

Wow. Pro! :star2:
I would change the white text on the light coloured background.
The skills bars? I’m not a fan personally, because they are hard to interpret. I think I would have the same style bar lengths even though I’ve been coding for 10+ years.

You have a link to twitter with 1 tweet! :smile:

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I don’t understand the reasoning for making the content scroll up and cover everything if I happen to click the same nav link twice. To me, if you click on the same nav link you are already displaying content for, then nothing should happen. Covering up the content seems like the last thing you would want to do.

Also, I agree @JohnnyBizzel regarding the skills bars. Why would you want to imply you don’t have the same level on all the skills? You risk someone thinking you are not proficient in a particular skill when you think you are just showing your relative strengths of each skill. It would be better to list which skills you used on each project minus the scale.

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The only way a Skills bar graph will look good is if it goes to 11, and you’re showing 11 for everything.


Yeah. The scale is kind of weird. Let the recruiters figure out what level you are based off your projects and technical questions.

I think you made a tiny mistake with the github link.
fix the quotes, you know what to do.

I like the way it looks.

Is this the portfolio project for FCC? Where are your php and node projects?

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Maybe I’ll take a look at the use of those skills bars. TBH this is based on Theme I worked through whilst doing a Bootsrap Udemy Course by Brad Traversy. I needed a portfilio so based in on that - but with this and others feedback I’ll change it before I push out to the world!

Thnaks for the spot - was updating the links yesterday - have also lost the correct sizing on my FA Icons!