No one is answering my questions

I have asked this question about 15 days ago…
No one has replied to it.
I has been unlisted as well
On making a duplicate topic i was warned not to make any duplicate topic and that was unlisted as well.
What am I supposed to do?

Sorry to say but this forum is acting very rude nowadays… I don’t know what has happened…
Please help…
Link to my question - Divs not aligning in a vertical manner :: URGENT HELP!

11 days ago you created two duplicate topics. You were asked not to create duplicate topics. I am not sure why the original topic was unlisted but I have relisted it now.

I have unlisted this topic as it still is a reference to the original and thus we would still consider this to be a duplicate topic.

Whenever you have follow up questions or need to add additional information to a topic you have already created, just reply back to it instead of creating a new topic in the future.

As far as getting help for your question, you will just have to wait for someone to respond. Most everyone on the forum answering questions do so as a volunteer.

Thank you for understanding.

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