Big question in my mind?

last night i ran into a problem with one of my web design projects and created a topic which no one gave me an answer and now i created another topic which i copied the last topic link and pasted it in the new topic but freeCodeCamp admin gave me a warning not to create the same topic again and unlisted it sooooo what should i do now?

There are lots of reasons why a question sometimes won’t get a reply. If you create a topic about a question, you can continue to update the thread. You can clarify the question and add more context. You can update it with what you have tried and learned in the time since first asking the question. Continuing to add to the thread will keep it showing up as current when people look at recent posts. Adding more information and improving the quality of the question will significantly increase the likelyhood that someone can/will be able to help you.

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