Forum how does this work? Edit or new post im lost here lol

Suppose you have a project and you post about a problem you have about it.
That problem then doesn’t got a proper answer.
But, anyway you move on and face another issue with it.
Is it appropiate to then make another post about it or edit again? What if it is another issue related to the 1st one.
Then you move on and face yet another issue yet another edit or another topic?
What if the issue changes from the HTML part to then the JS part? Must you change the topic and edit or make a new topic.

Where is this line about, editing something and make a new post?

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In my opinion you should try to generalize the question, then open a new topic about it.

If multiple issues are tightly related to a single, personal projects then stick with a single topic, even replying to yourself^^

A thread’s title should be generalised, in any case. So, there should never be any need to edit it. If the next problem is on the same project, but so vastly different the title does not match, then a new thread should be opened.

The same goes for any post you make; the edit option is not there to allow the question to change. If there are questions around the same topic, a new thread should not be opened, and a reply can be answered and dealt with.

Generally, we would recommend the Read-Search-Ask method. That is, “asking” is the final point of call. If there is a question about the HTML section, that gets answered, and you find you now have a question about a related JavaScript section, then that could indicate that the first question was asked too early. If both could be asked at the same time - in the same post - then they should.

That is the way I see it. Hope this helps clear things up.