Not able to zoom in and out in windows 10 Desktop

I have a dell computer.
I am not able to zoom in and out using, ‘ctrl’ + ‘+’ or ‘ctrl’ + ‘Mouse wheel forward’ and zooming out by doing the opposite, ie: - instead of + and Mouse wheel backward instead of Mouse wheel forward.
This is the same for every program(notepad, cmd prompt, powershell etc.).
It(the zooming shortcut)works well in:-
Google Chrome and Wordpad ONLY.
Could someone please help me out

use the magnifier app which is installed by default

That isn’t “zooming”

did you open the magnifier

for we zoomed

You’re not getting my question

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Not all applications support a “zoom” feature. The command prompt and powershell do not, for example. You would need to use your computer’s magnifier for that (or use a terminal application that does allow for increasing the text size).

I have no idea what would prevent your computer from ever registering the Ctrl +/-/scroll, but if that really is the case then you would need to get help from Dell tech support on that one.

Then how am I able to do it in my hp laptop?


A quick Google search says that the functionality was only introduced in a recent update. I do not have this update yet. You may not either.

OOO. Thanks for researching! I think I’ll get it now because my computer is updating.
I think that feature is for windows home.
I use windows pro.

I got the feature after an update.