Something is wrong with desktop forum app

Im writing from phone forum app right now, i have been trying to ask a question throught the desktop app of the forum and through the browser version and i’m unable to click on any button or any thing on the page even if it’s all apearing and new topics links are updating as well.

Can you give us a little more information about your setup? OS? Browser? Version? Can you open up the dev tools console and see if you are getting any error messages? Also, if you have browser extensions installed you might try disabling them to see if one of those is causing a problem.

I’m posting from my desktop right now and everything seems to be working fine. So I’m assuming this might be something specific to your setup and thus we need more information.

On the devtools console i have:
-one deprication notice.
-many messages that says "devtools failed to load source map.

I have deactivated all ad blockers and pop-up blockers on the browser.

I have a lenovo laptop, windows 10, chrome browser.

Hmm, and I’m assuming your browser is up to date?

I’m wondering, can you use the Tab key navigate the page and set the keyboard focus on a button and then click it with the Enter key or Space bar? I’m just trying to determine if the page doesn’t work at all, or is just doesn’t work with your mouse.

You are right, i used tab key to navigate and it worked, i could press everything selected by the tab key through enter button.

My mouse works on other pages but not on forum page, you have any ideas why?
Thank you

I’m assuming your mouse works on other web sites, just not this particular one. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of something like this before. Are you using the mouse built into the laptop or an external one? If you are using the built in mouse you might try using an external one if you have one lying around (or vice-versa). I’m just guessing here, I don’t use laptops so I’m not too familiar with their inner workings.

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I’m going to try that.
Thank you.

i have the same but I use an in-built mouse on my lenovo laptop. No issues.
try looking up the browser version as well. Mine as an example is 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build (it is found in the Help menu under the About option)

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