Place to report issues or feedback?

I’m having some trouble typing code and scrolling and navigating in the code box when going through the tutorials, where’s the best place to report the problems?


  1. Unable to use Ctrl+Home/End keys to go to the top or bottom of the code, which I need to do often.
  2. When typing a new line at the end of the code, most of the line is obscured and I have to scroll down to see it (doesn’t matter my screen’s resolution height, but I’m on 1080p Full HD).
  3. Trying to double-click text or holding Ctrl+arrow keys to select results in selecting parts of a tag rather than block it out by text or tag chunks. It works intuitively in Notepad++, but FCC seems to follow the Windows Notepad logic… which is not logical for code at all.
  4. Clicking after the end of a line sometimes results in the cursor being put in the middle of a line randomly or on another line, and then hitting the End key or clicking somewhere else on the line does nothing… I’m using the latest Chrome on Win7 64-bit Pro


You can create a new issue on our GitHub repository.

Not sure exactly what behavior you’re seeing, but the standard behavior for Ctrl + should be this:

<div hello="world">hello world</div>

<|div| hello|="|world|">|hello| world|</|div|>|

Where | represents a cursor position.

At no point does it jump over a whole tag. This is the same in Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime, and many other text editors. And at least on my setup, it’s the same in the fCC editor.

I’m having all kinds of cursor problems with FCC in Chrome… latest software, malware-free… only site or app I’m having this problem with.

The problem seems to be just bad JavaScript, it sometimes starts out OK and then degrades into near-uselessness.

Not sure how you came to this conclusion that “bad JavaScript” is the culprit here.

If you have some software capable of capturing video of your screen when it exhibits this behavior, then you could post a youtube or other external video link so we can view and offer other suggestions.

If JavaScript is not running the editor, then what is?

The problem has gone away with the upgraded curriculum.