Now have a Junior Web Dev role after 1 year of struggling

Greetings all

Like many here currently so and before me, I struggled a lot when I was learning how to code.
I started August of last year and just over a year now, have secured a full time position as a junior web developer.

When I look back and reflect, it took me a long time, but I finally figured out what the one piece of advice I would give myself when I started…


Have patience, don’t expect every concept to stick straight away.
One of the biggest stumbling parts of the FCC curriculum for me was the intermediate JS challenges.

When I was struggling, it was very easy to say negative things to myself such as “I’m not good/smart enough”

As someone with low self esteem, it did make it more difficult to manage these thoughts. This may have ‘‘delayed’’ my speed of learning.

But you know what? That’s completely okay.

There is no rush, there is no race.

When I was learning React, I faced the same problem with feeling like I was not smart enough to learn it. I was using the Scrimba 5 hr course and got stuck about halfway through.

5 months later, recently, I now have finished that course and am now able to understand parts which I previously found difficult.

Currently, I am now delving deep as much as possible into PHP and WordPress in prep for my new role.

PHP seems very popular. I would recommend new learners to keep in the back of mind as it might also be necessary to learn

As a side note, for anyone who knows PHP, how would you best learn it?

I hope I can look back at this post one day to help remind myself what to do when I struggle

I sincerely wish the best luck to all those currently learning - which is essentially everyone, as the learning never stops!


I’m really happy for you Sir. That’s what I have always wanted to hear. That with determination, things are possible. Hopefully we will get there as well.


This is just what I needed to hear. (I am knee deep in react and suffering)
Thanks m8.

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If my post helped just one person, then I am very glad I shared.

Your welcome - for React, I used Scrimba, FCC and the Docs which are excellent. I followed the practical guide where you make a Tic Tac Toe game.

I think having multiple resources to learn from helps as sometimes just following one may not be the one best optimised for how you learn best


How nice it is to read such stories. I’m in a very similar situation like you were one year ago, it’s just the beginning. It’s hard, but after reading such stories, I realize that I will laugh at myself maybe half a year ago :slight_smile: Good luck

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Very happy for you and thanks for sharing your experience.
I have a question if you don’t mind:
Did you finish the whole FCC curriculum?

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Glad to hear good news.

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I completed around 650 challenges. This was the first three sections, ending in Front End Libraries where you learn React and Redux.

I have the first two certifications and am still hoping to get the Front end library certifications done someday too

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For learning PHP learning how to set up the development environment in LAMP or WAMP is a good start. As far as courses go, I did a mix of Treehouse, udemy and a youtube channel called mmtuts. Out of all those resources I found mmtuts to be the most helpful.