Office Hour - Contributors - March 18, 2021

Hi folks,

We are hosting the upcoming Office Hour on 2021-03-18T14:00:00Z2021-03-18T15:00:00Z

If you signed up for the mailing list mentioned here , you should get an invite from me. You should RSVP to that to get a notification.

Note: The meeting link will be available in the invite.

Here is what you need:

  1. A working headphone :headphones: (with a mic :studio_microphone:).
  2. Camera :video_camera:. Optional - We would love to see you though!
  3. Something to stay hydrated :slight_smile: .

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

  1. Improvements to Learn UI using tailwindCSS and Storybook. Ahmad
  2. Making project Api endpoints RESTful. Kris
  3. Tackling Coderadio features/issues. Ahmad
  4. Progress on the math curriculum. Ahmad/Oliver

Note: We will add/update items before the meeting if need arises. If you have something specific that you would like to add please let us know in the comments.

See you all in the meeting.

P.S: Here is a list of all the office-hour meetings we have had.


Thanks to all contributors who attended this office hour.

Here is a quick summary of the points discussed during this meeting followed by their related resource/issue links:


  • The client styles and components are becoming more complex and need better management. We could use storybook and tailwindCSS to have a cleaner and more modular component library. (issue)

Project API

  • We should decide which projects we should update to be more RESTful / better follow convention. At the very least, the Exercise Tracker (major changes) and URL Shortener Microservice (minor changes) should probably be updated. Others are up for debate

  • If we decide to make changes to a project’s endpoints, the example project should still handle the older endpoints if possible. For example, other sites apparently use our URL Shortener example project, and removing the old endpoints would cause issues on their end. This is probably not necessary for projects like the Exercise Tracker

  • Also, if we do decide to update a project, the tests on /learn can just handle the new endpoints. We can assume that someone who finished a project with the older endpoints already submitted and got credit for it. If someone with an older version of the project with the older endpoints would like to submit their project again, they would have to update it to meet the new project requirements.(issue)


  • Code radio has been shipped alongside new collapsed navigation. We are expecting 20% increase in listenership once we expose coderadio nav item directly in the main nav bar for larger screens.

  • There are still some issues and features that could use the contributors’ attention. You could find those using the coderadio tag in the main depository’s issue tracker.

Math Curriculum

  • We have a good idea about what we want to teach, though we’re refining that as we come up with ideas for projects

  • We still need more project ideas, both certification projects and practice projects.
    (Math curriculum)

Front end project submission

  • Front end submissions need validation. Although loading submitted projects using a headless browser has been suggested, more discussion is encouraged to arrive at an optimal solution. (issue)

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