Code Contributors Meeting

Office Hours - Codebase Contributors

We are hosting public office hours (45 mins - once or twice a week) between members of our staff developer team and our volunteer contributors for the codebase.


These meetings will specifically discuss action items like PR reviews and issues that require the attention of active contributors. For example, developing projects for the upcoming curriculum.

If you have ideas or feedback, please share them as posts on the forum and we will definitely consider adding them to the agenda.

If you have general queries about contributing, posting them on the forum or chat rooms is still the recommended way. We want to be mindful and repectful of everyone’s time during these meetings.


Google Meet - Invite sent out by staff team.


Join this mailing list (needs approval after applying) to receive details of the meetings:

Mention your username in the description box when sending your request.

The staff team will send out an invite to all the members on the mailing list. At any point, you can leave the list to stop receving invites from future meetings.

The minutes of the meetings will be made public in the Contributors category for everyone’s benefit.

View the meeting calendar.

Things to consider before joining the list:

  • To keep meetings succinct and productive, we will only be approving regular contributors and moderators on the list as we experiment with this format. If this works out well, we would remove the restriction on joining a meeting, thanks for your understanding

  • The mailing list is send only, i.e. it will be used for sending out invitations for the meetings. We will not be monitoring messages sent to the group. You should post your queries on the forum instead (even if you are a member on the list).

See you on the next meeting.


I would very much be interested in joining the mailing list. Would you mind letting me know when the details become available? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Sign me up :slight_smile:

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