Office Hour - Contributors - May 13, 2021

Hi folks,

We are hosting the upcoming Office Hour on 2021-05-13T14:00:00Z β†’ 2021-05-13T15:00:00Z

If you signed up for the mailing list mentioned here , you should get an invite from me. You should RSVP to that to get a notification.

Note: The meeting link will be available in the invite.

Here is what you need:

  1. A working headphone :headphones: (with a mic :studio_microphone:).
  2. Camera :video_camera:. Optional - We would love to see you though!
  3. Something to stay hydrated :slight_smile: .

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

  • Ahmad: Building a component library.
  • Oliver: Performance and TypeScript.


  • Mrugesh & Rafa: Broadening our internationalization efforts.

Note: We will add/update items before the meeting if need arises. If you have something specific that you would like to add please let us know in the comments.

See you all in the meeting.


P.S: Here is a list of all the office-hour meetings we have had.


Hey everyone, I’ve pushed the date to next week (and an a hour later, so it’s not too early in the Americas). Sorry about the confusion - I’ll give a bit more warning next time.


Lance, Huyen, Ismail, Kris, Mrugesh, Nick, Oliver, Rafael, Sem, Seth, Shaun, Tom, Quincy.



  • A quick round of introductions.

Minutes of the meeting:

  • Ahmad gives an update about the planned component library.
    • The library will be built from scratch.
    • Huyen is helping us lead this effort, and shared a few details about the process. It will be based on Tailwind CSS. For testing we will use both RTL and Cypress.
    • We will be creating a couple basic components for other to follow and create additional components.
  • Oliver gives us an update about TypeScript & performance migration. We deliberated on the pros and process of contributing to the codebase.
  • We answered queries:
    • Do we have a plan for refactoring JS to TypeScript?
    • Do we have a plan to use hooks, functional components instead of Classes in react?
    • Do we need to align ourselves (our dev work) with the curriculum that we teach?
  • Rafael talks about our i18n expansion and updates.
    • He shared a lot of the updates about helping the Portuguese community on the foot steps of other communities so that we can have it ready soon.
    • We have a few meetings planned to meet & greet translators from multiple world languages.
  • Tom, shared on the idea of moving testable projects source demo projects to .rocks demo projects.
  • Quincy gave concluding remarks about our near term plans with the data science curriculum and the mobile app.

Action Items:

Please add to the above if I missed anything.

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