Old to New Computer - advice

Hello fellow campers,

I have a Mercury PC with the following

and Dell square monitor similar as this

I am planning to buy a pc and monitor for under INR 15k.

Is there any suggestions for which one to buy or any tips to make this system speed?

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Please someone answer me??

this forum is not specialized in hardware, please be patient. you may not get the help you want from this forum, you could try with a forum that specialises in hardware.


Sorry @ilenia.

Can you buy a pc and monitor for $200?

I use mac so I am used to pricey computers but will you be able to get this at that price?

Even now I am using win7, that’s not at all a prob.

Could you please close this topic?

Yeah we can close it.

You might want to dig around reddit forums.