Need laptop recommendations plzzzz

they this user here Buying laptop. Help please! gets to ask about laptop recommendations but the rest of us don’t get to ask for laptop recommendations ? anyway looking for laptop recommendations

specs are helpful for you, so here they are:

  1. new within last 6 months or year
  2. resolution 1920*1080 or higher
  3. 15.6’ display or higher (anything less is not worth anything cos you lose too much screen real estate, it’s not worth it. if you’d like to discuss about how you see significantly less text on a smaller display, i can make another post for that, or you can make it)
  4. 16 ram or higher
  5. ssd
  6. everything is ready out of the box (not interested in touching anything, have no hardware touching skillz dont wanna break stuff)

looking for options sorted by price, please send:

  • please link directly to the laptop options that meets the specs in the checklist like other laptop recommendations do on the site
  • i made a google sheet with old outdated laptop options that meets the checklist above, sorted by price. if you made a helpful sheet that is better with this helpful info, please send
  • if you know of a helpful site with a listing of laptops that has the above requirements sorted by release date, please send me also

since you know a lot more about laptops than the rest of us, that means you also know that the best way to compare is to get a list of options, and put them on a sheet so that you could compare well. if there’s a better way to compare pls lemme know

why no help… ?