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Hello guys!
So i feel like i’ve done plenty of tutorials and follow alongs to create projects. I’ve been playing around with some projects, and here’s one I just finished.
Made completely from scratch, I used some images as inspiration, along with color schemes and fonts.

I’m looking for areas to improve in my work, any ideas or areas where the site is not so good? All feedback is greatly appriciated, thanks for checking it out.

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Awesome, looks professional and clean. Seems like it could be real.

Good Job!

My take is what if the yellow everywhere was replaced the more amber contact button color or the yellow in the photo.

Fictionalize the address and phone number a little more obviously. Movies use 555 in the phone number.


Thank you, a realistic vibe is what I was going for. :slight_smile:

I had picked the colors yesterday, and I was outside. I thought the yellow everywhere and the photo yellow were pretty close to eachother. Now that you pointed it out, and I’m indoors, I can see the diffrence. Ha, thank you. Will be changing the yellow to match the photo yellow.

Interesting on the 555, I did not know that. That would be in the middle correct? or in the area code?
example: (1 800 555 3632) or (1 555 384 3393)

Edit: I updated the page, added alot of 5’s, and 123’s. Also changed the color to the hex value inside of the image. Thanks again for the feedback. :+1:

You’re welcome.:smiley: