Opinons on developer.mozilla.org vs w3schools.com?

When I did web searches for css topics, w3schools always came up first so that is what I used. But I’m interested in hearing other people’s ideas.

Hi @decoded !

w3schools has been around for a while and has really strong SEO.
That is why it pops up a lot of searches especially for beginner content.

But w3schools has a lot of controversy around it because it has a past of having incorrect information.

I think for really small tasks in HTML and CSS then w3schools is fine.

But if you are looking for more substantial and trusted web development content than MDN is better.
For CSS specifically, you can look into CSS tricks.

Hope that helps!


as a novice programmer, when i looked for simple notions and solutions id go to w3schools. When i face a complicated problem, which in order to solve i need more extensive specifications, i go to mozilla dev. In mozillas docs, the info is very thorough, to the point for a person thats new to a subject, it would be overwhelming and make it close to impossible for him to find the answer to his question.


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