Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


Any certificates you've already gotten before the beta goes live will still be valid. So you can continue to link to your Frontend certificate on LinkedIn.

Quincy talks about the certificates in an interview with Coding Tutorials 360.


Please document the error and open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues


Ok, but just one thing
Can you tell me where is my certificate normaly, ?


https://www.freecodecamp.com/Parad0xJ, in between your brownie points and your streak statistics.


That is not for beta version my friends . it's my normal profil on freeCodeCamp all work in freeCodeCamp no beta .
Idont have certificate on freeCodeCamp no Beta.

The probleme it's with beta version.

So I understand, certificate is in profil and profil is not accessible with your beta version



Should be accesible like this: http://beta.freecodecamp.com/en/<username>, or just click the icon (+ brownie points) on the top right.

EDIT: But it seems like no certificates are displayed...


Yes "should be", but that don't work actually.
I'm always redirected to map. It's probably a bug
it's too bad, my first certificate and I don't see him :wink:

Edit : bug is confirmed,I have open issue on github ---> https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/13432

Thanks for your answers


Added a UI/UX issue and found one already open for a challenge not accepting code in != Chrome.


Hi, all. Just FYI, and I'm not sure if you're aware already and working on it, but your ES6 section is missing generator functions.


@QuincyLarson Will there be advance warning (say 30 days) before the switch is made? Or will we just wake up one morning and find it all different? :slight_smile:

For those of us using the completion of existing certificates as an additional motivation, it would be nice to have some advance warning.

BTW, the beta looks awesome!


I think it'd be safer to do the new curriculum regardless of the release date. It's a much more thought out and round curriculum that adds a lot more to anyone as a professional.

Of course, you're free to choose. But i can't see much of a reason to do the old ones besides completionism, which is a valid reason.


@QuincyLarson I second that notion - would really like to know if the beta release comes with or without a prior warning.

Even if the new curriculum is better, the fact that you can't earn the old certificates once the update is rolled out, makes it extra appealing for me to try to get them. :slight_smile:
Like Surogo, I'm using the time constraint as extra motivation, but if the beta release is just around the corner and no warnings are given, then at least knowing that it could happen any instant would be helpful.

I just want to know if my plan of obtaining some more certs is sure to fail ;D

In any case, the beta DOES look super awesome =D


I jumped ship to the beta even though I’d almost finished the front-end certificate because the topics looked great. I’ve been going through challenges and raising little issues here and there - but just wanted to say a big thank you to all the developers for the staggering amount of time that went (and continues to go) into this. Loved the sections on Flexbox and CSS animation, really like how its organized - so glad I took the leap and looking forward to forging ahead.


I’ve been working through Beta challenges (specifically the Javascript Algo & Data section), and I’ve noticed that the output box doesn’t actually display the result of your code.

It essentially just shows messages that repeat the required test parameters that aren’t yet passing.

This makes it a little more difficult to figure out a solution. It’s hard to determine where you’re going wrong when you can’t see what your code is doing.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s been a little frustrating.

BUT I am loving the beta curriculum, I’m learning so much!! Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together.


I am in love with Beta . What should I do? lol…


Hey Brittany. If there isn’t already a GitHub Issue for that, could you please create one?


I’ve wasted hours troubleshooting, here to find out there were no problems. It was something wrong with the FCC editor. I would clear my code in the editor, redo it and it would pass. This worked for most challenges but not all. I found doing the exercises on an offline editor (Atom, VSCode, Sublime, etc) or in CodePen saved me a lot of time. Remember Beta progress won’t be saved, so doing the exercises in your own editor or CodePen will make it easier to transfer over when beta goes live.


I’ve been using the beta and like it. However sometimes I try to run code and get ‘something went wrong’ or my code will not pass the test, when it is correct, and I reload the page and it works.


I notice that Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in Basic JavaScript is not included in beta. Shall I report it as a bug?


When I’ve finished a part and proceed to the next one, the code is not pre-rendered in the phone on the right. So before I’m going to write some code I have to press “run tests(ctrl+enter)” to see what I’m working with. Does this happen to anyone else?