Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

wow! … that new map will definitely be awesome
I’m really excited … data structures, node and express, mongodb and mongoose… really GREAT WORK
:eyeglasses: :computer:


The map on Beta is what the map will look like. Most of the original challenges are still present, though they’ve been moved around a bit. Almost all of the new challenges are completely optional. All of the required projects have been updated, and a few of them did change completely. You won’t need to re-do the projects you’ve already submitted, though.


As soon as it’s ready. freecodecamp.com is quite stable, and many people are reliant on it, so we don’t want to push the new code until we’re confident everything works and has been QA’d sufficiently.


Awesome - thanks for detecting these Firefox problems. Could you create GItHub issues for them? We can fix them :slight_smile:


Hey, the live website, as you know apart from the hundreds of thousands of users/campers, it is being used by 100s of educational institutes and schools.

We want to clean up all the bugs, the UX issues, etc. that may have crept in. We surely hope to do that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned in, and you can always follow the progress on the issue tracker, and report problems with the site.

Thanks and happy coding!


This is still early in the QA cycle, and a lot of the things you mentioned are known issues on GitHub that we’re working on.

For the projects, we’ve done our best to strike a balance between having user stories that are backed up with reliable tests, while still giving campers as much freedom as possible over design and implementation details.

As with everything in our curriculum, it’s a work in progress and we expect contributors will identify even less restrictive tests that still fulfill the role of guiding campers and verifying for them that they’ve implemented features correctly.


I submitted an issue just now :slight_smile:


It’s lagging a bit :confused:


Another question, when the beta material comes to the live site, will itshow the progress we made there so we dont have to repeat those parts? I know you said you guys have a separate database for the beta stuff, but I mean once it is merged with the live stuff?

And I assume the things we work on now will still be saved and reflected even when the beta site material is made live?


I recently started freecodecamp and have done around 260 exercises. Will these be simply wasted after the launch of the new version ? Also if i with the new curriculum now on beta version will that be saved after the launch ? Also after the launch of this version which map path will be followed by old users ?
Any approximate date for launch of this officially ?


Why you people worried to much about you stats in free code camp. What really important is what you learn during those exercises. I’m really glad free code camp updated the curriculum and make it better. More stuff to learn.


Hi Quincy! I wanted to thank you and your mates for the awesome work you’re doing!
I’m excited to see the expanded certificates and the new d3, node, and mongo challenges. :smiley:


@QuincyLarson I have completed the front-end and back-end projects (and received the corresponding certificates) so before the expansion what I had left was the React projects and the D3.js projects to get all three certifiacations. Now what do I have to do to get the remaining certifications and start working on the profits?

@QuincyLarson Is there way I can map the progress to the new beta path?

I just want to drop a big

:sparkle: Thank you :sparkle:

to all the Free Code Camp staff members, github maintainers, bug repliers, chat helpers and of course its creator @QuincyLarson for all the hard work you’re putting in this.

I just had a quick look at the addition you’ll push and are simply amazing.

Don’t forget that all this content is given out totally for free, don’t give it for granted!

Again, thanks a lot :smiley:


@QueD Unfortunately No, We will not merge the progress on the beta, with the live website. There are multiple technical reasons for not doing it. Our live site’s data model is not exactly a same as beta, and merging them will cause a ton of conflicts in your progress. Consider this from a DevOps point of view for hundreds of thousands of users, we don’t want your actual progress from live site getting overwritten.

However, should you want to import (copy/paste) the solved challenge solutions from your own account, into live site later, we will not prevent that in any way.

You are welcome to do so, at your convenience.

Thanks for asking, happy coding!


@kodingLife we are sorry that it’s currently not possible, the beta site is completely different in all aspects, from the live website.


Nope, your old progress will remain intact, the brownie points you score, the certifications you complete will still be valid, and will be safe.

Yup, some obsolete, challenges will surely go away, but your streak, and progress and your profile, will still show them.

You may not be able to visit a deleted challenge, but we have pushed tons of interesting challenges, which you should check out.

The map will show the completion status for all old challenges as well. Only new ones, will show as incomplete. But that said, you will not be prevented from solving them in any way.


For someone currently part/most-way through the Front End certificate, what would you recommend I do? Should I work on the beta challenges? Or just keep going as I am and ignore this beta stuff. It looks really great, but if I’m going to have to work on it a second time later, in a better configuration or order etc, then maybe I should wait?

I sincerely recommend that you continue on the live site, and when you can, and are comfortable, please help us in the QA effort as well.

The more people who join in this voluntary effort, the closer we get to shipping them to live website.

Again this completely by choice, and we need help in covering QA for all of the challenges, thoroughly. So jump in if you want to be this first to find out a bug, and help in getting it resolved. We value your contribution a lot.

Thanks and happy coding!