Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

Are there any plans to add Angular2? The concept of a component is a nice extension of a class.


This is awesome, thanks! I’m working the new QA sections too. THANK YOU so VERY much to EVERYONE involved in spending so much time and effort to keep this course updated and relevant. I am so very grateful to have found FCC and love the people in this community.


Will our current progress under the “old” system be grand-fathered into the “new” “beta” system or will we be forced to RESET and start from scratch as indicated on the BETA sites user profile page?

Will any of the “old” curriculum bugs be fixed/updated?

I don’t see the Dynamic Web Application Projects. Are these going to be got rid or or added as an optional component?

There is an older issue here that catalogs these. Pretty much .css tests are not working in Firefox: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/10595

Right now the beta challenges are separate from the live site. Once some of the bugs and kinks have been worked out, the beta challenges will be moved to the live site. Your progress for challenges with the same name should remain the same and I believe the same goes for any certificates you’ve earned.


so if the challenges that have the same name should keep the progress, what happens with the testing bundle? Because everything people have built followed the user stories, but now it looks like the projects have to follow a strict check list of testing. Will be passing the tests a requirement for the projects?

The new curriculum looks really good, with more content and better division of the sections.

Was wondering the same thing. I have two projects left to complete before I get my front end certification, but now I’m curious if I should just hold off to start the new material (especially since the Simon game seems to have been removed).

Quincy, this is seriously amazing. Many thanks to you and all of the hard-working campers for putting this together. I will definitely be doing my part in the next week (and more) in helping beta test this.


All the new projects are referencing gomix, which is node.js only. I am about a quarter of the way through the Backend Development projects using rails and react (I have the front end cert and am nearly finished with the data viz cert). I have two main questions:

  1. It looks like passing the automated tests is required to mark a project complete (is this true?). Is there a way to use gomix such that the APIs that I finished using rails will pass the tests? If not, I feel like my only option currently is to try to beast mode through the remaining projects with my current (and preferred) stack and hope I can finish before the new beta goes live.

  2. I’d really like to collect all the certs so I can get involved with the non profit projects, but am I going to be eligible for any of them if I’m not using mongo/express?

Hi, I moved your post to this thread, since this thread seems actively checked by people who know the answers to your questions.

If you already have all three of the current certificates, you can start working on the open source for good (nonprofit) projects first, then go back and claim the new certificates at your convenience. Most of them will only involve creating a few new projects.


We plan to cover Angular 2 - and a lot of other technologies - outside of our core curriculum. Contributors are gradually working on additional tutorials in our wiki.


We’ve created some new testing and security-focused API projects to replace the dynamic web apps projects. These will use mostly the same technologies, and will have tests that guide you through building them. We will keep dynamic web apps as optional projects you can solve, and they’ll be moved outside of our core curriculum.


We will grandfather in any projects completed before the tests came up. So you will not need to build these projects a second time unless you want to.


Almost all of the API-focused projects use API endpoints for testing, so in theory, you should be able to still use Rails and get these to pass. You can build on any platform - GoMix is recommended, but our goal is to give campers as much flexibility as possible.

I’d be very interested in seeing how many of these tests you can get to pass using Rails. You could create issues for any tests that won’t pass with Rails.

Again, our goal is ultimately make these projects implementation-agnostic.

Note that all of our nonprofit projects use Node, so it doesn’t hurt to get some exposure to it, even if you’re mostly using Rails day-to-day.


I like the changes. I finished the front end cert, and then lost interest (mainly due to the game programming- it’s just not my thing). The new curriculum has me re-invigorated to continue on with the rest of the certs. I’ll switch over to the beta and report any issues I come across. Nice work!

If I only have the front-end certificate prior to switching, do I still need to complete all six certificates to start on non-profit projects or am I exempted from the first two certs in the new system?

@QuincyLarson Justt curious: What is the motivation behind putting the CSS before HTML? Granted I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who knows both well, but I would think you’d need to understand HTML before CSS… But if there’s a reason and this is not a bug, I’d be glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Otherwise, this is FANTASTIC! You’ve filled in so many holes!

First off, in Basic Algorithm Scripting, there is a gap betwee “Title Case a Sentence” and “Falsey Bouncer.”

Second of all, a lot of questions:

I have already earned the Front End and Data Viz certs. I am about half way through the Back End cert presently, and am about to put the finishing touches on URL Shortener Microservice.

The next project for me was supposed to be Image Search Abstraction Layer.

  1. So, am I supposed to not do the Image Search Abstraction Layer and instead make the Exercise Tracker my next project?
  2. Am I working now towards an API’s and Microservices certificate?
  3. And when I have completed whichever branch I am supposed to follow, do I have to revisit projects in Back End and Data Viz before I qualify for the open source projects? For example, should I expect to go back and build the Drum Machine?
  4. What exactly happens to my credit for the Simon game?
  5. Also, what about the all of the React Projects? That was a lot of work! I don’t see those on the new map.