Paid Online Qualifications e.g. Udemy, thoughts?


I’ve been looking into the best route for myself to take to learn and gain employment in front end development. As you’ll all know there is quite a lot of paid online courses out there all promising a job guarantee within 6 months of passing.

Has anyone any experience with these? It seems a bit of a relative thing but it looks like it’s possible to study front end myself with tools such as this and build a good portfolio which would possibly be just as useful for finding a job or would you say having this course/qualification would help at all? 300 per month whilst I am willing to part ways with it I don’t want to if I don’t need to.

Any recommendations?



I looked at a lot of different courses, and bought some myself, would I advise on buying a certification course? No, I would not. Why? Because that certification does not mean anything, your experience is the projects you build . So to sum up your question is it worth the money for a certificate program? No, it is not . Is it worth buying some courses online with good referrals and nice reference material on sale for 20 bucks? Yes, It is. But i’m a strong advocate that if you can get good quality knowledge for free why spend hunderds of dolars for it? :slight_smile:


Hi, I totally recommend the Coursera courses (especially the Hong Kong university ones).
On Coursera you can audit the courses, so you won’t have to pay a cent. Even the ones included in the specialization, but you’ll have to look for the singular courses one by one.
About the certificate, I’m not really sure it’s worth buying it.
I’d present to a potential employer a well-done project rather than a certificate of course completion.
The project is the one that says what you are really capable of, plus it would give them the chance to ask you questions and know you even more.

I can’t say much about the specialization programs, rather than the fact that for me they cost too much.

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Whether something is worth the money pretty much always depends on how much money you have. I second the Coursera recommendation (and auditing means it’s pretty much risk-free). For Udemy courses, I’d wait til they have one of their frequent sales and not even bother going after their certs.

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