Parallax with my example portfolio webpage

I just finished my personal portfolio webpage. And although there isn’t much about myself in the webpage I was just trying to get some things figured out. I know the page isn’t pretty, but any tips you guys may have would be great! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you want inspiration or want to improve your personal portfolio page, then, you can look at the portfolios of professional developers. Following are some links:

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Thanks for the recommendation. But this link is old, visit new

The implementation of the parallax effect is good, but I have tips on content content. I’m sure that this is not the latest version and you will finalize your project. Good luck!

That “fadeIn” is with javascript or with some library/framework?

When you change something with :hover pseudo-class add transition: all .2s; in the main class to add a nice effect.
In your Portfolio it’s good here:

.topnav a {
    transition: all .2s;