Personal Portfolio - Cat dev

what do you think about my project? Could you please give me feedback about my page? :slight_smile:

Very nice project!

I love the colors, most of all I love the floating animation you applied to the cat’s portrait. It’s crazy!

I suggest you to add some borders or border radius to the images in the slider, or some hover effect. It would be nice.

when i hit the submit button this happens:

Referred from Pen Personal Portfolio

What happened?

A link in this Pen has a missing href value, or this Pen is trying to change the document.location more details

also a purple balk is hovering with the text: *This is just a fake portfolio. All the projects and contact details given are not real.

maybe attach it to the footer?

Hello Kitty, am haven’t completed the courses and so I have not started any project. But looking into my colleague above; the words, " This is just a fake portfolio. All the projects and contact details are given are not real" are appearing at the footer. My question is: Isn’t this portfolio real?

Nice job! @Lynthius How did you do the typing effect? I can’t figure out

Bit of a confusing text you have there. Of course it is just a practise portfolio but, threating it like it is a real one will give a good insighed as to how thing shouldbe done. :3

thank you for the clarification there

Nice work! If this is for a project, I might recommend filling in some believable information (disclaimer, I’m not sure what the requirements for it are and if filler text is ok). I love the typing effect too, that’s super cool. Your colors and layout are all very good, I absolutely love the design of it all.

My only issue is when clicking through the images under “My projects”, it might be a bit nicer to have a transition of sliding to the next image, or something like that. It’s a bit jarring when the whole site feels very sleek and suddenly the picture just changes with no transition.