Personal portfolio feedback please (:


I upload my personal portfolio again because google drive images were not correctly seen!
Any feedback of my personal portfolio page or any of my projects will be appreciated, and very important for me :)!!

The link is:


It looks pretty good! I would

create some animations when I hover over your projects and links.

good luck!

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try to do it when I have some time!


Done :slight_smile:

Its excellent,
the only thing I would say is that on first load before its cached the text comes in first, then because it takes the image longer to load, there is that mis-timing flash that some users might notice. I would be interested to know if you can put a page loader or if you can come up another solution?

Thanks kravmaguy, I will think in your advice, I think it would be a big improve, if I can do it before learning JS, I will do it! Thanks for the Idea :slight_smile:

Nice. you can make your own custom loader. there are tons on codepen.
check it, customize your page to your liking:

I read somewhere that you should always show the user something. Even if you dont like this loader or the transition look into other loaders, and how to tween the transition