Personal Portfolio Intro Section Questions


Do I need an image of myself in my Portfolio? I don’t really like to have my picture anywhere because I am a a little shy.

I have noticed most people have a long paragraph of who they are, why they are the one for the job, and what they like to do in their spare time. I read a few guides in this forum and on the medium website that the person looking through my portfolio will only want to see if I can do the job and won’t really care what I do in my spare time or read about how hard working, enthusiastic, motivated, dedicated, etc I am because it’s just the same gibberish most people write anyway. Do I have to have any paragraphs like this?

If the answers to these questions are a no, what can I do with the intro section?


If your future employer does not care one bit about your passions or what drives you… do you really want to work for them?!?

I would say to be clear about what makes you… YOU ! (we all are waaaay more than the sum of the work we do!!)

Maybe i am not the best person to give advice about it, but my rule is: If my future employer cant take 10s to read about what my passions are and is only concerned about the jobs i posted on my CV… he/she is not someone I want to work for.

I have a paragraph describing myself and when/if I have an interview i ask about it! (“what did you think about my view on XXX”) Remember… interviews go “both ways” :wink:

Good luck

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Hey @Bhavik,

  1. Putting your picture isn’t a must, but it’s a wise decision as it shows you have nothing to hide, hence integrity. Besides, a picture == a thousand words. (Lol, just had to use that JS there.)

  2. Those “jargons” that everyone writes, shows a potential client or Employer that you are meticulous and pay attention to details. It’s not always about what you write but about the effort to do even the not so pleasant things.

  3. What you do in your spare time also gives employers/clients an idea of what your personality is like, which goes without saying that personality is almost as important as the technical skills.

In the end, your Personal Portfolio is about advertising yourself and your skills to potential clients or employers.

Good Luck.