Personal portfolio review

Hey guys, I would really appreciate it if you could review my code and give me advice or tips ( design too ). Thanks you in advance. My portfolio website

Hi Fahd, thanks for sharing your work. I am viewing your portfolio on a mobile device and it’s pretty hard to view/navigate on th smaller screen. Look into responsive design to make it work across devices.

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thank you ! I tried making it responsive with flex =box but I don’t understand what I did wrong

Hi Fahd,
Thanks for sharing.


It looks pretty good! Just a couple things, I noticed a couple spelling errors in your about section (solve and interesting). I think the banner you have in the bottom right is really cool, but I couldn’t see the whole thing-the banner cut out either just before the contact label, or part way through the text “contact” depending on how big I made my browser window.

Hey man! Looks good so far. It may be a good idea, though, to select leaner fonts for this like, say Helvetica Neue or some contemporary typefaces like Lato and Aller. I may also suggest that you have a fixed header to go on with your navigation below the page. It seems more appropriate for your portfolio. You don’t have any contact form yet so there’s that too.